List of Credits of Interscreen

Since 1990 we have been and are providing crews and equipment mainly in NTSC
but also in PAL for the following clients:

TV stations:

German: RTL, SAT 1, ZDF, BR, MDR...
Europe: ORF, TV1, FR2, BBC...
America: ABC, NBC, CBS, WTN, Discovery, CNN, Tech TV, CBC, NTV, Fox News...
Japan: TBS, NHK, NTV, MBS, Wowow, Fuji, TV Tokyo, TV Asahi, Yomiuri TV, Sky Perfect...

Some of our clients and the companies we worked for:

APTN, Nash Entertainment, Eurocrew, Crew Connection, Assignmentdesk, National
Video Center, Ubi Soft Entertainment, Entertainment Tonight, Dentsu, AOI,
Asatsu, Cove-Ito-AD, Dai-ichi-kikaku, Junglegym, So-EI, TBWA/NIPPO, Engine
Network, Creative Nexus, Eigakusha, Sohto, Madoka Eng., Tokai University Media Central,
Media News, Agri & Forestry, Amuse, May Company, Coach Communications,
Crewstar, Ballard, Nippon Airship Corp., East Co, Zippy Prod., Win´s Moment, TWT, Fix

IBM, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Philip Morris, Marriott, Microsoft,
Ernst & Young, Ford, Siecor, Disney Interactive, Merant, Deloitte & Touche,
National Semi-Conductors, Digital Equipment, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle,
Kyocera, National Starch & Chemical, Budweiser, Kirin Beer, Texas Instruments,
Booz/Allen/Hamilton etc

For our american clients we are maily shooting corporate videos
( interviews and b-roll ) for our japanese clients documentaries.
All our cameraman are bilingual and long time experienced."